You’re a thousand miles away …

The Heartbeats


The Boyz II Men / Take 6, collaboration


"Buy time: I’m not sure I can summarize this one right now. I’ll get back to you later."

The most recent one I applied after learning from him.

And it works for 100%. Thank you :)

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"Forcing yourself or other users to change passwords on a semi-regular basis is one of many options for increasing security and mitigating the risk of the aforementioned situation."

And I am starting by forcing myself first now :)

In the short run, lying is easy and honesty is hard.

In the long run, honesty is easy and lying is hard.

What you choose today makes your tomorrow.

i learnt these lessons from @kushal, but James Clear articulates them really well.

- Life is short.

And if life is short, then moving quickly matters. Launch the product. Write the book. Ask the question. Take the chance.

Be thoughtful, but get moving.

- Start now. Optimize later.

An imperfect start can always be improved, but obsessing over a perfect plan will never take you anywhere on its own.


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