@kushal @jason would love to hear your thoughts on doing tech/open source for a longer run. Do listen to the episode if you have some free time to spare. :)

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Recently I listened to a really interesting podcast titled, Growing Old Gracefully as a Programmer.


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Villages in Kutch call for boycott of Muslims, label them 'deshvirodhi'

A strong anti-Muslim sentiment after CAA Bandh, a BJP leader said not eat at the hotels of participants in the bandh. A Muslim vendor was stopped from selling vegetables in Navanagar

I know I am a bit late to the party but I did finally put up a small blog for things I did in 2019.


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Finished writing the second of the Talking Concurrency. In this blog we look into asyncio module.


Good thing I did not add them, just saw the official docs that Yield From is now depreciated and will be removed from Python 3.10. Yield From -> await
So yeah , I know what to pick up now :)

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I was suppose to add Coroutines to the blog post so it would be a great comparison on how Generators and Coroutines are very different in both uses. But I am still confused about some of the concepts of Coroutines. So will probably add a new blog just about Coroutines. :)

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Portland folks!

I was accidentally shipped an extra copy of The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena.

Are you interviewing for tech jobs and would like it (free)? Preference given to those who are underrepresented.

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— via @kushal

The first guest session of #dgplug #summertraining will happen on 25th July, 14:00 UTC. Come to the IRC channel to listen to @pradyunsg #Python #Community

Wrote a blog post on Context Managers in Python.

Check out to post to learn what are context managers ? Why to use them ? How to write one of your own ?


I recently wrote a blog post 😃

Reviews are appreciated, I am still a bit sceptical about the blog so would love a second person opinion about it.


It's great that we have out twitter like social media for our community. Thanks @kushal for starting this 😃 Won't miss any twee** oh I mean toots 😛 from the community now.


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