Wrote a blog on what are computer processes. theknowledgeseeker.in/posts/op

Feel free to share your feedback. I will write another post or update this one with illustrations on processes in Linux operating system.

The dilemma of modern internet?

Too many tutorials out there to achieve one thing with so many variations. I would rather like one tutorial with as much detail as possible as official docs. Obnoxious and incomplete official docs made this dilemma possible in the first place IMO :/
People writing multiple tutorials to ease up the development and it's like maintaining multiple branches for the same source code xD

Is there a public instance deployment of wekan anywhere?

#wekan #kanban #tasks

And tweet too. Don't let platforms and tools stop you. That's just an excuse (I have been there). Just let the thoughts flow into the bits and bytes of these tweets.

If tools really matter, find the one that works best for you ASAP. I think I found my setup :)

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If you have reduced the frequency of your blog posts, please restart writing it. If hosting hinders it, use wordpress but write! There is no better meditation xP

Now I setup my blog again (yeah, again) and found 50 posts in drafts :D
Gonna take a while to complete them all. New posts updated will be notified here :)

@nightwarrior_xxx Simple, because working on projects seems easier and more fun than studying for exams :P

@j605 toot :)

/me can't think of any excuse for such late reply :P

How do you people manage twitter and mastodon? Using cross poster or toot and tweet on both platforms? Please help me

The later sure consumes a lot of energy, no doubt :D

It's been a month working with SFLC.in after resigning from my former job. Never imagined that I would be learning Javascript and React JS ever in my life untill now.

Desperate times! xP

Completed IBM challenge part 2. I love the resources and the guide provided this year for teaching the basics of mainframe.

Each language (verbal or programming) brings a set of vocabulary and culture along with it. I always admired every languages because of the culture associated with each.

But, language also controls our thoughts! It was a relevation for me after reading 1984 that our thoughts are limited by the set of words (vocabulary) we can use and less vocabulary means less freedom of thought!

Quite an eye opener, 1984!

@jason It is a good way to learn about a subject from different perspective through different books :)

@jason Changed my mind, 2 non-fiction back to back will kill me :P

Now I am following a rule, 1 non-fiction after 2 fiction novels :)

Finally finished "Why I am a Hindu" by Shashi Tharoor. I would have recommended that book, but after completing the last 2 chapters, I changed my mind.

The book sure illustrates some interesting facts about Hinduism and Hindutatva, but gets quite repetitive and a bit biased in last 2 chapters. Also, simplicity is one thing it lacks.

This book, by far took the longest time to complete ever (2 Month).

And since I am not much of Non-fiction reader, next in line, "1984" by George Orwell :)

Hello world! This is a test message sent from toot a mastodon cli client \o/

@jason This will be my next book in line after the current one I am reading, "Why I am Hindu" :)


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