What problems do you currently face when using digital payments apps like GooglePay, Paytm, UPI etc ? It would be really helpful if you can help us by sharing your views and thoughts :)

"Fast payment service portal using face recognition" . Is it a good idea or its indirectly surveillance ? Just had a thought in my mind.

Why this happens to me only that my urge to work on projects increases during my exams ?

Its quite confusing as things take time is my case, when it comes to implementing things.

Did hardware hacking today in Circuit Python Day meetup. Loved working on circuit python. Its damn to awesome ;)

What do you guys generally do to keep yourself motivated and concentrated?

Unfortunately the upgrade to Sid failed due to some missing dpkg files but guess what now I am on Debian 10 aka Buster


Upgrading to Debian unstable today aka Debian Sid. Wish me luck


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