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I just now built & pushed the RPMs for the security update to @torproject So remember to upgrade your Tor relays & bridges.

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I totally missed to celebrate the 24th anniversary of curl's -A option the other day. Used for decades to "impersonate" browsers and more. Fist shipped in curl 4.5.1, June 12 1998.

In sweden private newspapers are threatening to sue public service because they are to good at delivering written news online... It is truely a horrific society where people can learn about what is happening in the world without paying for it 😩

Oh, most of the media files are missing from the wasabi store (the old files), any tips to get those back? @stux @Gargron I found them missing for the last few days.

I upgraded to 3.5.3 from 3.3.0 today, and still no images.

I just released version 0.0.11 of (plus new versions of the underlying libraries

These releases add more "User Interaction" functionality:
- Configuring touch confirmation for operations that use private key material (
- A mechanism to notify clients of the libraries when touch confirmation is needed (the 'opgpcard' tool uses this too).

Also, the output of 'opgpcard status' has been slightly restructured, for clarity.

Sysadmin 101 workshop for @torproject new relay/bridge operators. share the news and bring your friends to the workshop. 4th June 19:00UTC.

[Workshop] Sysadmin 101 for new Tor relay operators! 🧅

Join us on June 4th at 19 UTC for new and prospective Tor relay and bridge operators on the basic “sysadmin fu” required to contribute to the network. Facilitated by Kushal and Gman999.

More info:

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So I ordered a cake from a renowned bakery in Nagpur, through #Swiggy. In the order details I mentioned “Please mention if the cake contains egg”. I am speechless after receiving the order 👇🏼

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will help at-risk and censored Tor users safely use Tor?
Do you have a few minutes to test new versions of Tor Browser and report bugs?
Become a Tor Browser alpha tester! 🧅

Uncurled - everything I know and learned about running and maintaining Open Source projects for three decades

curl up is coming to San Francisco. Come talk and listen to curl related topics on June 6. We want more speakers - to prevent me from taking over the entire agenda.

💉💰 #Vaccine makers took BILLIONS of dollars in public funding. So why are they keeping #COVID19 vaccines from lower-income countries?

🗣️ Join in calling on #Pfizer #Moderna and others to #ShareTheScience and help end the #COVID #pandemic.

:boostsOK: if you agree.

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Harry Sintonen was rewarded 2,400 USD for his discovery of CVE-2022-27774

I wonder how the big instances are handling all the media files etc?

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