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Why are people so insensitive about sharing kids' photos on #socialmedia ?

Our Executive Director @o0karen0o writes about her struggles to use less proprietary software while still getting things done for herself and her family.

Everyone in time line. Please read this slowly and then boost and share every possible.

To all non-indians following me here, please read and then share again and again. You may help to stop a genocide.

Please boost and copy paste the link again to share.

Most of what people care about can be thought of as a skill. Well being is a skill. Not suffering unnecessarily is a skill. Noticing your emotional life and regulating negative emotions is a skill.

~Sam Harris, American author, neuroscientist, philosopher.


Where do Indian men learn about violating consent, breaching boundaries and treating human beings as objects for personal use? From families. Tell me that does not sound familiar.

How a Shiv Sena MP, along with the chairman of a local cooperative bank, allegedly abetted a farmer's suicide
My story from Osmanabad for @MumbaiMirror

What do you call someone who does Research and Development in the daytime and runs a bar in the night?

RD Barman.


UK Supreme Court has asked Home Dept to pay damages to asylum seekers for wrongfully detaining them under a law which is ambiguous and doesn't provide a clear test to determine threat of absconding


@kushal hmm, The song is nice, but I couldn't ignore the singing in local train and teasing culture shown here. :( ,

May be this evolved into what we have today in Mumbai locals - the bhajan mandalis and the people with loud portable speakers disturbing others

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