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so everyone knows that sci-hub is being sued in India such that if they win they might be able to operate legally, but if they lose a huge number of scientists and academics in India wouldn't be able to access papers? Any senior ppl planning to write amicus briefs by the 16th?

I will do a workshop on 17th July about reproducible wheels and dependency management for your project. To join in, please comment in The goal is to have better model in your management. Please RT for more reach.

The @kaarana_ project webinar on 'Data, Elections and Public Trust: How The Changing Information Landscape is Impacting Elections' is at 1600 IST today. More detail at the project page Join the conversation on Zoom and YouTube. RT/share

I should really make checklists for each thing I release and put them into a single note.

YAML isn't everyone's favorite syntax for structured data, but it's a lot better than random, ad hoc syntax. I'm looking at you, 50 years of Unix tradition in /etc, and Dockerfile.

Delhi Riots: HC Grants Bail To Natasha Narwal, Devangana Kalita In UAPA Case
Kalita and Narwal were arrested last year in May in connection with the communal riots in northeast Delhi.
Student activists Devangana Kalita, Natasha Narwal and Asif Iqbal Tanha were granted bail by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday.
#DelhiRiots #DevanganaKalita #FarmBillsFeatured #NatashaNarwal #UAPA

I have been self-hosting @plausible since last 3 months. It has been a great experience so far. I'm free from the guilt of
compromising the privacy of my readers. I get the required stats in
one glance. Updates are painless. Read more about my experience:

andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

Join monthly Tor Localization Hangouts!

Every 3rd Friday of the month, the Tor Localization Team meets to translate, share tricks, meet fellow translators, have fun, & learn about @torproject l10n priorities.

NEXT HANGOUT: Fri., May 21 @ 8am UTC onwards

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent. We've created a short, beginner-friendly handout on tips to prevent against ransomware and other malware attacks. Please share with colleagues!

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