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The new OnionShare is out!

It adds a bunch of great features like tabs, anonymous chat that never logs anything, and better command line support.

Here's the blog post:

Download OnionShare 2.3 from:

Install it on a headless server:

`pip3 install --user onionshare-cli`

Read the amazing new docs that are translated to a bunch of languages:

After the articles on instant messaging systems @fsfi has another article in this series.

Better than #Zoom and #GoogleMeet: Try these Free Software powered video conferencing apps and services

#jitsi #bigbluebutton #peertube #obs

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Harish Pillay @harishpillay from @RedHat @redhatopen will give a talk on β€œDigital Bill of Rights: The time is now. What shall we do?” @fossasia #virtual #OpenTech Summit 2021, March 13-21 #OpenSource #DigitalRights #DBoR #DataPrivacy Sign up for free

Why don't the news outlets refer to him by the legal name? Add a 'popularly known as' if the concern is 'our audience would not know otherwise'
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Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu admitted to a hospital after complains of restlessness, discomfort in knees and other ailments.

Asaram Bapu is serving life imprisonment in Jodhpur Central Jail in a rape case.


Better than Zoom and Google Meet: Try these Free Software powered video conferencing apps and services

Are you a native speaker/writer of Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), or Polish? Please help finish translating the new OnionShare. These languages are nearly complete and I'd love to include them!

Here is the OnionShare project on Weblate

@write_as @matt ah, as I paid for a long subscription, the server somehow thought that I am not anymore a `pro` subscriber, and kicked me out from all `pro` features. Help :)

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