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Are you a native speaker/writer of Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), or Polish? Please help finish translating the new OnionShare. These languages are nearly complete and I'd love to include them!

Here is the OnionShare project on Weblate

@write_as @matt ah, as I paid for a long subscription, the server somehow thought that I am not anymore a `pro` subscriber, and kicked me out from all `pro` features. Help :)

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Pause and think about your favorite book, song, poem, or piece of art.

Wrote a blog post on how to setup Emacs as a basic Go programming environment with LSP Mode and gopls

I am @securedrop developer for almost 4 years, I still took 3 hours today to get the firewall rules working for the setup :(

When you spend 2 hours to install the project where you are a maintainer, you know you are in total crying mood.

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