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Back in 2015/16 time, I think I was having around 60/70k views of the posts in the year. But, today crossed half a million views in 2020.

One week ago, we announced LibreOffice 7.0, our brand new major release – and already, it has over 420,000 downloads! Discover more stats here:

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Prof. @Jayati1609, in her essay in We the People, 4th volume of our #RethinkingIndia series highlights the importance of economic rights in a democracy & presents a case for making it feasible in India.

Get your copy now:

@abhas Best wishes for a great future. Not many can have the same level of commitment to free software as you.

Today, at DeepRoot GNU/Linux, we complete 20 years of building, selling, supporting and advocating #FreeSoftware and #GNU/#Linux.

Please do visit the brief timeline we've published at:

I'm looking forward to using this occasion to discuss software freedom, self-hosting, building / running a free software business and so much more.

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Side-topic but I just have one question:

@WeTheWomenAsia is a Facebook India program led/curated by @BDUTT.

Ankhi Das is on the advisory board.

Is this a hinderance in @themojo_in covering the allegations of collusion between BJP & Facebook India?

One hopes not.

Welcome to curl 7.72.0. The 194th curl release comes with 3 new features, one CVE, 100 bug-fixes - done by 52 contributors (29 new), 30 authors (14 new) in 49 days. 8188 days since inception. Enjoy!

SecureDrop 1.5.0 has been released. This release includes a kernel update, deprecation warnings for v2 onion services, improved error-handling in the API, and a number of community contributions:

I never had this much of anxiety in life. I don't even know how to express myself.

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I hope this week both wife and daughter will become better and not sick at all. That will stop the insane level of anxiety and stress on the whole family.

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