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Welcome to curl 7.72.0. The 194th curl release comes with 3 new features, one CVE, 100 bug-fixes - done by 52 contributors (29 new), 30 authors (14 new) in 49 days. 8188 days since inception. Enjoy!

SecureDrop 1.5.0 has been released. This release includes a kernel update, deprecation warnings for v2 onion services, improved error-handling in the API, and a number of community contributions:

I never had this much of anxiety in life. I don't even know how to express myself.

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I hope this week both wife and daughter will become better and not sick at all. That will stop the insane level of anxiety and stress on the whole family.

EFF has been fighting for Internet freedom since July 1990. To celebrate, you can become a member for just $19.90 and help us reach our goal of 30,000 contributions before next July! #EFF30

On Monday, join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cctvcambridge for a skillshare on privacy-preserving browser settings.

Tails report for June, 2020

- we worked on the security implications of the Unsafe Browser
- created gorgeous leaflets about Tails
- answered questions in a workshop by Honduran activists from @BarraconDigital
- Make the installation of Additional Software more robust.
- Notify always when MAC address spoofing fails and the network interface is disabled.
...and more.

You find the full report here and the leaflets here:

RT @colour: my set from @eff’s 30th birthday party is now on soundcloud!!

thank you for having me and for defending privacy and digital fr…

@kushal @kirschwipfel The hard part, however, isn't the encryption and signing. The hard part is authentication. How do you know you are encrypting to the right key? How do you know a signature was created by the person stated in the user ID? If you look at "modern" crypto tools, they largely ignore this issue. It's what makes them so simple. But what's the point of AEAD if the message is encrypted to the wrong recipient?

More than 15 years ago, Onion Service (at the time named Hidden Service) saw the light of day. From today (July 2nd), the Internet has around 16 months to migrate from onion services v2 to v3 once and for all. ⏰

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