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Life Tip: If you wake due to stress and can't fall asleep, do a chore like emptying/reload dishwasher or put away laundry.

You'll burn off your frustration and be able to settle nerves having a sense of accomplishment

#quote #stress #anxiety

Now which idiot at DoT (Department of Telecommunications, Government of India) ordered to block @DuckDuckGo in ? As usual the is working.

Whaha listen how he says: β€œPut your hands down, we're not in America”

Finally learning the gmail keyboard shortcuts to manage the email there

Next Tuesday @ 18:00 UTC, join us for our first PrivChat, a live conversation series w/ experts in the tech and internet freedom fields.

This edition we'll discuss online privacy in the context of COVID-19 and activism. Plus live Q&A!

If you want to share a file with a friend or colleague, you don't have to trust a third party service. You can use OnionShare.

The newest version even lets you publish static websites as onion services. #onionizetheweb

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