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please only vote if you are a BIPoC and have experienced persistent harassment on the fediverse

imagine your instance had a feature where your mods and mods from other instances could quickly and easily share block/bans across fedi, to more rapidly and thoroughly respond to toxic behavior, and to combat users who ban evade by switching instances

would you feel overall safer on the fediverse? would you want to use fedi more or more often?

everyone please boost :boost_ok: ๐Ÿ™

Small actions, even on tasks you'd rather avoid, make them easier to accomplish.

Dear fellow #LaTeX users - if I want to set up #CI for generating documents on PR/commit, which container is the easiest to base it on?

On my local machine, on #Fedora I just need to request a single package and it pulls in the right dependencies, but I wonder if there's a #container with enough texlive already pre-installed

We can see the @Tor โ€˜Onion-Locationโ€™ feature on @write_as website, photo from the live session by Tor team.

Jamia Millia Islamia student #SafooraZargar denied bail by Delhi Additional Sessions Court judge Dharmender Rana after a four-hour hearing.
She was arrested on April 10 and later #UAPA was slapped on her.

My guide on safely redacting photos with sensitive info on them on the go, fresh off the press. Boosts welcome and appreciated.

We added the new Onion-Location header to, to make it easier for #Tor users to get to our #onion site!

Thanks to @kushal for writing about this new feature in the Tor browser!

as a general rule of thumb if your software is repeatedly telling you how secure and private it is every 5 minutes, it's probably not

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