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My life for the last few days:

make all
make clean

... repeat.

That moment in life when you confuse the shit out of yourself over a for loop and a few if else statements.

Most of the time in the first iteration I don't write optimized code, I try to write code, which looks ugly, but, that code works.

I never used to listen to Rabindra Sangeet regularly, but, album by Indrani Sen changed my mind. I guess I was in class 8 or 7.

Tested an idea by writing some python code for 2 hours, then I did not like the solution, so decided not to use that code.

Dear world, #NarendraModi is building a tunnel from his official residence to Parliament (ostensibly). Another hot tip from the Nazi playbook. Do you really need any more signs?

uspol, funnee meem 

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Do Sign the petition.
RSS have hijacked all state institutions & have turned them against people. Several terrorist attacks in the past have been carried out by the RSS & they also carry out false flag attacks with help of state agencies.


FACT CHECK- An ambulance on its way to Anand Vihar was not allowed to pass through the closed road by Delhi Police.

This is on the police side of the road, near Sarita Vihar. Police handles this barricade, NOT the #ShaheenBagh protesters as is being falsely reported by some.


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