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At home @anweshasrkr and I are watching "Big Bang Theory", and Py (daughter) is learning a lot of words. She said "Kilngon and Vulcun" 2 words to a kid in the school bus, & their parents wants to file complain as they think the second word is vulgar & 1st one is a curse word.

Is Mastodon the messiah we need?

"Slamming Twitter for censorship and inability to control hate speech, thousands signed up for Mastodon last week. But can the micro-blogging site, started in 2016, live up to its promises for a safer, more civil online discourse?" #india #fediverse

Running some scripts to identify different IP addresses which tried to break into my servers.

Banks in Muslim areas are marked as β€˜red’ zones indicating that giving loans is not advisable – limiting their institutional support

Poverty among Muslims is high and even basic facilities like post offices were not operational in Muslim areas

1 litre milk diluted with water served to 81 students in UP school.

Yogi Govt will now take strict action against the Journalist for reporting this.

Siddharth Varadarajan of The Wire was fairly sure that there would be repercussions to these measures. β€œ[...] And the way that the draft will define the digital news, this would include your mother's Facebook page, your uncle's blog, websites in different languages, a tweet trend on twitter, anything that is news oriented and conveyed digitally,” he told Telegraph Online.

#Mastodon in another print magazines in #India! This article by Nischai Vats goes over the same issues all the other print mags went into. It's exciting to see this wave of media continue though. #fediverse

@kushal wow this is great and am totally going to use this in forever continuing arguments about how 'guys' is gender neutral. I have been fighting against the use of 'guys' for years...

After 6 years of part time and 12 years of full time association, I am calling it a day with my assignment with Kerala Government in dealing with inter state water.

I am most grateful for the learnings, opportunities and memories.

Returning to my parent organisation KSEBL :)

RT @sarahkendzior
After years of them begging to see it, I decided to let my kids watch The Ring. We're watching it together. So far I've had to explain:

* VCRs
* Landline phones
* Photo development stores
* Newspapers

What other horrors await in The Ring?!

The State of Aadhaar by Omidyar came as a reaction to a report I co-authored with Centre for Internet and Society. Independent research can never be debunked by junk

On Wednesday, #JacquesKallis left his fans amused with his new look who wondered why the former Proteas all-rounder had sported this new beard look.

Around 500 high-risk Indian users- journalists, human rights activists, & political campaigners were targeted by β€œgovernment-backed attackers” for intelligence collection, targeting dissidents & activists, cyber attacks, or spreading disinformation etc.

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