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Raspberry Pi 4 HDMI is Jamming Its Own WiFi

Making upgrades to a popular product line might sound like a good idea, but adding bigger/better/faster parts to an existing product can cause unforeseen problems. For example, dropping a more powerful engine …

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+ One of the scary learnings from birdsite this year: visibility can be weaponised.

When Kashmir went into lockdown, Kashmiri voices disappeared off Twitter β€” and there is no easy way to compensate for the absence or silencing of specific handles. When activists are arrested (Sanjiv Bhatt), or silenced by Twitter itself (Sanjay Hegde), the gap they leave is filled by the noise of constant commentary.

Socmedia in its present form has no way to highlight the voices of the absent/ the silenced.

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So, onions have become Rs 130/kg, Ginger 160/kg and Garlic 240/kg?
This is how they convert all of us to Jainism. #inflation #OnionPrice


How can I get this wrong?! Ginger was 160 a kg. And garlic 240 a kg!!!!


Most of the IP addresses which tries to break into my servers, tries only once. Only a handful tries to attack back again.

β€’ "I appreciate your concern, but this is my decision"
β€’ "I respect your values and beliefs, but I do not share them"
β€’ "I will no longer be the middle person in family arguments"
β€’ "Commenting on my weight is not appropriate, you need to stop"
β€’ "Any rude comments about my lifestyle will result in this conversation ending"
β€’ "I understand you are frustrated, but I don't want to participate in family gossip"


β€’ "I expect my partner to be treated with respect or we won't come over anymore"
β€’ "Please stop asking when we will have a kid, it's putting a lot of pressure on my relationship"

Well established, consistent boundaries, can help a lot if you are suffering from #mentalhealth issues.


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"The message is clear: Ek, dui, tin, BJP-ke biday din (One, two, three, say goodbye to BJP),” Mamata added, the excitement in her voice underlining her relief.

Telegraph headline bears it all, beautifully!

'Arrogance' beaten 3-0 by 'humbler' Trinamul πŸ‘


Perhaps the most interesting part of Ravi Shankar Prasad's #Pegasus defence is where he gives voice to the lurking conspiracy theory that WhatsApp's revelations were done to stop the Indian govt's from asking for traceability of WA messages.


Less Obvious Factors That Lead To #mentalhealth Issues:

- Saying yes to everything
- Trying to fix/ save everyone
- People pleasing
- Putting others needs above yours
- Defining a "successful life" based on another's/ society's expectations

Your mental health matters. Prioritize it

Will have to use CVS after such a long time, totally forgot the arguments.

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