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Okay here's what I'm going to do, or at least try!

I will setup another 1 or 2 servers for sidekiq. (sidekiq is the part of Mastodon that handles the jobs, think about all actions in the network.)

Currently we are about 100k jobs behind and I'm afraid one server just won't do..

If anyone has any experience with this could some give me a few tips? I know I'm going to fix it but it could be a lot faster!

Thank you!

People who are favouriting my toots but not following me are also the people who go to the supermarket for the free samples.

Just letting you all know, the #instance admin has ability to approve or administrate any hashtag

#help #india

@thedal @jnukiladki

India is the world's Largest Hypocrisy
#Boost if you agree

@stux so went from ~50 users to ~1500 in under one week?!!


Somewhere on WhatsApp

Original name of Mastodon is "Mast Don" which is nick name of Don Dawood Ibrahim. These Sickular Pakis pushing their agenda to demonize Hindutva wadi Twitter. All Hindus must unite and appose Mastodon

Jai Aryavrat๐Ÿšฉ


Anyone who will post provocative stuff on any kind of Social Media will be charged under NSA (National Security Act).

Guys, be careful, trolls will try their best to incite hatred, we all should just mute/block them.

No need to engage with hate mongers. NO reaction.

I will avoid twitter tomorrow.


@Spectatorkhan A: How many versions of the Ramayana exist?

A: Countless, and there are more all the time. It is a story always being retold. Even what we call Valmiki's Ramayana was a fluid text that existed in multiple versions.

AK Ramanujan began a famous essay on the Ramayana thus: "How many Ramayanas? Three hundred? Three thousand? At the end of some Ramayanas, a question is sometimes asked: How many Ramayans have there been? And there are stories that answer the question. Here is one."

"Most people in our country are totally fine with corruption provided the corrupt is also communal..."

~Kunal Kamra

#kunalkamra #india

How many more 2002s, Tabrez Ansaris and Asifas are we supposed to "forget" as incidents in the past for "Development"?

It's a horrible travesty of justice that the courts are discussing a land dispute case instead of trying to ensure that the terrorists are punished. The successful deviation from the real majoritarian violence to the imaginary communal conflict is the biggest fiasco in all of this, and it's not just the right wing that's to be blamed.


I'm old enough to remember an emergency news broadcast on Doordarshan on 5th Dec 92. Govt informed us that Mulayam Singh Yadav and Kalyan Singh has assured that no person will reach the site with any weapon. Next day, site was demolished.

Stay safe people. #AYODHYAVERDICT

"NDA government's decision to withdraw SPG security cover provided to the members of the Gandhi family is very unfortunate. It is the Central Government's deliberate attempt to undermine the security aspect of Gandhi family and ignore their sacrifices for the Nation."

~Sharad Pawar

#india #vendetta #SharadPawar

In light of the Pegasus/WhatsApp surveillance scandal, a piece on how India must reform its surveillance architecture - and how a recent Bombay High Court judgment shows the way.

The Bombay High Court basically held: (a) surveillance is illegal except in a public emergency or for public safety, (2) evidence obtained through surveillance cannot be used in court, and (3) material obtained through surveillance must be destroyed. All three very important findings.


Ayodhya land title dispute case judgment tomorrow at 10:30 am.

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