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Every time I think of buying a new monitor, it comes to my mind that it will not help to become a better contributor. So ...

I know why most engineering college kids don't like writing any code or do any work on computers. Because they don't like it, they go into Engineering because someone told their parents that this is the easy way to earn stable money.

FOSSers club of VAST is conducting a one-day free Debian Packaging workshop on August 24th. Learn how to contribute to the Debian Operating System by making packages. We're also conducting Debian 10 release party on the same day. We have two Debian Developers joining us for the event ! 馃帀

Debutsav ( is a #freesoftware and @debian conference being organised next month in Goa. Attend the conference. Network with others in the community. The cfp is open - come talk about what you do or what you care about.


After months of work, we have a new stable release series: Tor 馃檶

This series adds experimental circuit-level padding, authenticated SENDME cells, & improvements to save on CPU consumption. It also fixes bugs in bootstrapping & v3 onion services.

You can鈥檛 make this up: Just a few weeks after the president signed SESTA-FOSTA and multiple dating sites shut down, Facebook announced that it was entering the dating business.

"Amazon鈥檚 home security company Ring quietly removed the term 'surveillance' from a statement law enforcement officials provided to local news outlets, according to public records obtained by Gizmodo."

Let's call it what it is: surveillance.

Ernest Hemingway was laughed at for claiming he could write a terrifying tragedy using only five words. They stopped laughing after he wrote this on his napkin and showed it to them. 

11 days remain to contribute to our Bug Smash Fund

You'll help us respond quickly to bugs, improve test coverage, and keep up with Firefox ESRs. These are essential, but sometimes we have to divert developer attention away from grant-funded projects and use unrestricted funds to do them. That's why we need your help. #TorBugSmash

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