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Got my today! Thanks @abhas for this essential service to Free Software computer. #FreeSoftware #coreboot

I am enjoying this Inbox zero state. Much less stress πŸ¦„

Electronic Frontier Alliance members like @lucyparsonslabs use Sunshine laws and FOIA requests as an essential tool in the fight for government accountability. Check out their newly published visualization of Chicago police search warrant data.

May I present to you... my favourite YouTube video of all time

β€” via @kushal

The first guest session of #dgplug #summertraining will happen on 25th July, 14:00 UTC. Come to the IRC channel to listen to @pradyunsg #Python #Community

Calling the chat app that lets your boss ask you to do work on Saturday "Slack" is some peak tech industry bullshit.

BREAKING: Tonight, Oakland’s City Council voted to join San Francisco, CA and Somerville, MA in protecting residents’ privacy, civil liberties, and safety by banning government use of face surveillance technology.

i am reading this thing about steve wozniak in 1976 and remember being SO PISSED aged 15 in 1984 that I had not been born earlier and taken part in the glory days of the computer revolution

you're always in the glory days of some revolution, you just have to find it

We've launched a giving program for monthly donors who help us make privacy a priority.

If you pledge a modest amount each month, we will send you exclusive gifts to show our appreciation.

Become a Defender of Privacy today:

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