Life Tip: If you wake due to stress and can't fall asleep, do a chore like emptying/reload dishwasher or put away laundry.

You'll burn off your frustration and be able to settle nerves having a sense of accomplishment

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@nipos you are correct about DNSPort settings in Tor. This tool can be used separately only for DNS queries which includes all RR values. @Decentralize_today @torproject

@danialbehzadi yes there is DNSPort available with @torproject but it reruns only one IP per domain, this one returns all the RR sets.

Now which idiot at DoT (Department of Telecommunications, Government of India) ordered to block @DuckDuckGo in ? As usual the is working.


Few points: For any call to happen, you will have to use the SOCKS proxy to go over Tor. Next, I think you are asking for the dns-tor-proxy tool to do a DoT/DoH call to the upstream server. Those features will be added. But, even then it will use the SOCKS proxy to make sure calls because we want the data to flow over Tor network.

@ln4711 @torproject

@Decentralize_today @torproject not in my experience (for dns) and you can point the tool to any TCP based public server

@bortzmeyer @torproject this allows all old tools to have same level of encryption via Tor without waiting for DoT support. It takes UDP calls

Whaha listen how he says: β€œPut your hands down, we're not in America”

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