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Nearly 1,800 people of the 426 families β€œwere evicted mercilessly by admin., their homes were demolished on December 6 at behest of local BJP leader": @JIHMarkaz@twitter.com

Jamaat says Muslims targeted in eviction drive ; officials say HC had rejected their pleas.

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The torchbearers!

Protests against #CAA at #Sonitpur #Assam

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Remember the same @IndiaToday@twitter.com SIT team did #HurriyatTerrorTapes 7 senior members of Hurriyat Conference are in still jail as a result of our probe. It cannot be that the Hurriyat tapes have high evidentiary value with the #JNUConfessionTapes do not. Same standards must apply.

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Citizen rights & freedoms are not restored in Kashmir yet. Freedom to communicate is one among the essential freedoms. Say it loud people . Freedom in Kashmir is essential part of Freedom in India from this repressive regime #FreeKashmirFreeIndia
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Delhi Police likely to act against student holding Kashmir poster at St Stephen’s protest

ThePrint's Ananya Bhardwaj @BhardwajAnanya reports

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Favourite image from the Bombay protests.

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Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren orders to withdraw sedition cases filed against 3000 people in Dhanbad, issues notice to the investigation officer for falsely framing people in sedition case.

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The mess staff of JNU’s Sabarmati Hostel who stood by the students to protect them when others could not.

Huge respect for these heroes ✊

Photo via Sakshi

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Hundreds of workers in Gurugram-Manesar-Bawal industrial belt have downed tools on Wednesday as part of the nationwide general strike against the β€œanti-worker”, β€œanti-national” policies of the @narendramodi@twitter.com government.

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Dreams end : Horrifying Truth.
A postgraduate who would have been a bride come February 2020 lies in a shattered room of her grandfather Hamid Hasan’s house in Jaswantpuri , Barafkhana in Muzaffarnagar. Her forehead is bandaged, covering a deep gash caused by a steel rod..

2019 in books:


(I read a lot of SFF this year!)

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#Bangalore, this is a LOUD call to join us tomorrow - Jan 7 - for a 24 HOUR RELAY protest. From 6 pm tomorrow to 6 pm on Jan 8. We are protesting the brutality against #JNU students! We are also supporting the workers' strike on Jan 8! Venue will be announced tomorrow. +

Today is our 12th anniversary. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
We are thankful to our users, our premium members and the folks who have helped us grow from a small project in 2008.

@36c3_backup_user also on this point at minute 24: the fact that these "privacy" apps can esily get your social graph back after switching to a new app is because your name has already been associated to a fixed number with the phone company. if you want to find your friends on signal or telegram or whatapp without having a government controlled phone number, good luck. The fact that Moxie doesn't bring this up makes me sus of their whole talk.

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