@vu3rdd For the exam, I need a form signed and stamped by a class A officer along with a copy of their govt ID. No one in willing to give that :(

@vu3rdd I never managed to prove myself as β€œIndian” to sit on the exam :( stupid laws

@greypilgrim it is better if you can use some sort of smart card (say yubikey) and keep the secret subjects in it and then use it in every machine. @mcsinyx

Writing some boring code to make sure that the developers can use this exciting library.

Do you sign your git commits? Please share for more reach.


Yes, in future we will hide these details into advanced area. This is just 0.1.0 release to show what is possible. We will choose some sane defaults for the users.


@schlink Thank you. I hope this will be helpful for the adaptation of and smartcards.

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PSA (now with even better hashtags): You can ask questions from the internetβ„’ at #rc3 using the fediverse. Please add the appropriate room hashtag to make the signal angel's life easier. Also, be on an instance that federates with chaos.social.

The officialβ„’ hashtags are:
#rc3one (rC1),
#rc3two (rC2),
#rc3chaoszone (chaoszone),
#rc3cwtv (cwtv),
#rc3csh (chaosstudio-hamburg),
#rc3franconiannet (franconiannet),
#rc3r3s (r3s),
#rc3restrealitaet (restrealitaet).

I am having trouble to sleep for the last few nights, because of a project idea going around in mind.

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