Under the proposed data protection bill, government can grant exemptions to certain companies to collect any personal data. Bad idea.

If I write on social media that I "code in hardware", no one will ask me what do I mean by hardware. If a woman writes the same, everyone jumps in to ask what does she mean.

@shinjini the encounter itself no. The online and media noise however was more than orchestrated.

Bjp is only four the criminals and rapists

BJP’s Panaji MLA Atanasio Monserrate charged with teen’s rape under Pocso toi.in/ccPpRY73/a24gj via @timesofindia@twitter.com

Python for You and Me book now has a new chapter to learn on hardware simulation (based on Adafruit Circuit Playgroud express). All chapters will be updated.


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Did those 3000 encounters make Uttar Pradesh a safe state??? NOPE.

It is still the worst Indian state in Law and order

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How are you so sure the people who got killed in Encounters were the real Culprits?

The Bus Conductor was arrested for Killing 7 year old student at Ryan International school Gurgaon and after investigation it was found that the boy was killed by a class 10th student.

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Why not just shut all courts in India? After all, the courts too give judgments in line with majority prejudices, respects faith and belief over all else, and satisfies 'collective conscience' of the people. Let vigilantes and trigger happy police do the job.

Getting many β€œWe miss you” text messages from brands I used to buy. Hell, I miss them too but I cannot splurge anymore. #BJPKilledTheEconomy

The police refused to register a complaint while the brutal rape and murder might have been happening.
The police told the victim's family that they can't register a FIR, there is a chance that she might have eloped.

And then an encounter makes them the hero. Is this justice? Is this going to make it better? Is it going to stop #crimeagainstwomen ?

Let's think, people!

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K-pop star Kang Daniel is taking a break to focus on his mental health β€” and fans are rallying behind him with #WeAreWithDaniel

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The Telengana State Government has to be dismissed under Article 356 now, pending a probe into this encounter.

If they have the daring to do this under such intense media scrutiny in the case, imagine the atrocities they perpetrate in other cases!

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