It is Monday, and did you look into the support in dns-tor-proxy tool? You can now connect and use your favorite over HTTPS provider over @torproject.

Now which idiot at DoT (Department of Telecommunications, Government of India) ordered to block @DuckDuckGo in ? As usual the is working.

We can see the @Tor β€˜Onion-Location’ feature on @write_as website, photo from the live session by Tor team.

Python for You and Me book now has a new chapter to learn on hardware simulation (based on Adafruit Circuit Playgroud express). All chapters will be updated.

We have bookmarks on this server. Yay to , you can have it too. Deploy from master.

Py talks about her Wonder Woman aunty to @anwesha and me everyday. She wants to go to meet her as soon as possible. We all want her to be freed and back among friends.


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