Do you sign your git commits? Please share for more reach.

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I don't, @kushal. Not by preference, but rather because I'm not part of any project requiring it and I'm too lazy to set up and maintain keys across devices.

@mcsinyx @kushal This poll was memorable enough for me to set up git commit signing today!

I see no reason why I won't be able to make a key per machine as opposed to copying the same key to multiple devices. You can do either way with SSH keys, so why not this.

@greypilgrim it is better if you can use some sort of smart card (say yubikey) and keep the secret subjects in it and then use it in every machine. @mcsinyx

@kushal @mcsinyx It’s not that important, not as important as ssh keys, which would be needed to commit to your repos.

Plus, some of my work involves connecting to a remote machine and then using a VM from there.

@kushal Depends on the project. My commits for the Freenet Project are signed.

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