I hope people similarly leave Facebook and Instagram and join open-source alternatives. All corporate-owned social media platforms need to die.

Look at riot.im as a replacement to #WhatsApp. It is decentralized similar to #Mastodon but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured #privacy It is powered by #Matrix protocol and two instances are manged by Indians diasp.in and poddery.com

@praveen @h_tejas How about Signal messenger app. Even Snowden uses it I guess.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas its centralised and uses your phone number. Absolute disaster. Snowden has a different threat model.


@akash @amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas disaster is which way? Other than giving out a phone to anyone who wants to talk you? There is also alternative to pass special numbers only for signal ?

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