Follow is a federated blogging application. You can self host it or use any of the instances. @write_as has paid service and also some great human beings. Really good work. You can even follow the posts from your mastodon account.

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@kushal Thanks for the shout out! Really glad you're happy with the service 😊

@write_as @kushal looks interesting can it be integrated into a web builder like wix

@Cvisuali @write_as @kushal How were you thinking about integrating it into a web builder? There are people who use like a headless CMS, getting their posts using the API and feeding that data into their custom sites. That could definitely be possible in Wix. Is that what you had in mind?

@cjeller @write_as @kushal that's, one way issue is who hosts the content also media content the main issue with hiving off the blog is storage also do we gain speed etc etc #website #blog

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