Do you use a password manager?

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@Azlux @dada newer version and more fixes, also this is the currently maintained version iirc

@kushal @dada newer and fixes doesn't mean the good old software is bad. (fixes means there are still bugs BTW). Database is the same, and keepass support plugins.

@kushal yes, but I use an hardware one called mooltipass

@kushal I have been using dashlane for many yrs now it works great

@kushal gopass (pass), with a self hosted repo. Not for the regular user, but it's quite amazing stuff.


i suggest using keepassxc ( ) - it is hosted completly local on your filesystem and open source.
if you want something online for easier use, i suggest using passman for nextcloud. nextcloud is an open source, self hosted cloud interface.

@kushal hey
Iโ€™m a new mastodonian here and I would highly appreciate if you can boost my posts. :)
This way we can help each other
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@kushal this is not a polite question..!
it's like asking 'do you use underwear..?'

@ioy Look at the answer, and then think why did I ask? 40% of those 906 people don't use password managers. We have to help them to learn and use it in daily life.

I totally agree, yet it needs to be done in a secure, anonymous way.

@ioy @kushal Well, do you use underwear?

@muecke @kushal

I use also use Pass ( with a git repo. I chose it over Keepass as it doesn't open all password every time the database is open but just the one I need at the time. It is also decentralized and super portable as it only need GnuPG-support. On phone I use the app Password Store that can be found on F-droid.

@kushal command line 'pass' + 'pass-otp' and it's android port, 'Password Store'

@kushal Loosely defining a password manager as a script that decrypts an encrypted password file and brings it up in an editor.

@kushal I thought that perhaps 7% would have voted yes and perhaps 30% would have voted 'What is that?', instead almost 4 of 5 people voted that they're using a password manager. I blame the Mastodon bubble of tech-people.

@kushal ah wait now it updated from 300 votes to 1200 votes and the numbers got a bit more reasonable, but still very high Yes and mega low that someone doesn't know what it is.

@kushal I'll give a talk about cloudless password manager some day early next year in Gothenburg at where I'll describe my setup with KeePassXC and Syncthing.

@kushal i read it
sorry i'am little bit slow in understanding
So you got verified by mastodon too??

@kavitha129 Nope, I just used :verified: emoji in our instance. Mastodon as a software can only verify those link backs.

@kushal I use Google sign in on most websites. Apart from that - Chrome password manager.

@kushal Nowadays, its Android managed, and also integrated into browsers like Opera, Brave.

@kushal in case youโ€™re curious about which password managers, iโ€™m using enpass, which is OK but considering trying others (used to use lastpass but abandoned it)

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