I am retiring the whole dgplug as project, except and The mailing list is under moderation (any email to it will be deleted). It was a good 15 years run. Thank you everyone.

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Dear, @kushal

i probably have known you for the past few years and dgplug has changed my life so much for the better.

Thank you for this extraordinarily generous decade and a half.

I probably speak for the rest of #dgplug when I say, we are extremely grateful.

I wish you all the wishes I can muster as you soar upwards and onwards

@kushal I also want to say thank you for the dgplug experience and your efforts you put into the project. It has opened many doors for me, most of which were hidden to my eye. It also made me looking out for more doors and walking these new paths.
Thank you!

@kushal thanks a lot for your contributions! It was an awesome place to meet people! :archlinux:

@kushal thank you for the all the efforts you made towards the channel in the last 15 years. Though I was only part of the last 3, I still learned a lot of key lessons of not only tech but of general life as well. Thank You !

@kushal Thank you for all your efforts for all these years. Though I have been its part for a short while it has taught me so many things most of which are rare to find in a community. Since you mentioned as a project I take on IRC will still live on as a community.

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