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I am a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation My day job is to work on using which people can leak information to the journalists securely. I also contribute to many projects. I am a core member of the @torproject and also core developer of the programming language & a director and fellow of Python Software Foundation.


Nearly 1,800 people of the 426 families β€œwere evicted mercilessly by admin., their homes were demolished on December 6 at behest of local BJP leader":

Jamaat says Muslims targeted in eviction drive ; officials say HC had rejected their pleas.


The torchbearers!

Protests against #CAA at #Sonitpur #Assam


Remember the same SIT team did #HurriyatTerrorTapes 7 senior members of Hurriyat Conference are in still jail as a result of our probe. It cannot be that the Hurriyat tapes have high evidentiary value with the #JNUConfessionTapes do not. Same standards must apply.


Citizen rights & freedoms are not restored in Kashmir yet. Freedom to communicate is one among the essential freedoms. Say it loud people . Freedom in Kashmir is essential part of Freedom in India from this repressive regime #FreeKashmirFreeIndia
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Delhi Police likely to act against student holding Kashmir poster at St Stephen’s protest

ThePrint's Ananya Bhardwaj @BhardwajAnanya reports

Favourite image from the Bombay protests.


Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren orders to withdraw sedition cases filed against 3000 people in Dhanbad, issues notice to the investigation officer for falsely framing people in sedition case.


The mess staff of JNU’s Sabarmati Hostel who stood by the students to protect them when others could not.

Huge respect for these heroes ✊

Photo via Sakshi

Hundreds of workers in Gurugram-Manesar-Bawal industrial belt have downed tools on Wednesday as part of the nationwide general strike against the β€œanti-worker”, β€œanti-national” policies of the government.

Dreams end : Horrifying Truth.
A postgraduate who would have been a bride come February 2020 lies in a shattered room of her grandfather Hamid Hasan’s house in Jaswantpuri , Barafkhana in Muzaffarnagar. Her forehead is bandaged, covering a deep gash caused by a steel rod..

2019 in books:

(I read a lot of SFF this year!)

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#Bangalore, this is a LOUD call to join us tomorrow - Jan 7 - for a 24 HOUR RELAY protest. From 6 pm tomorrow to 6 pm on Jan 8. We are protesting the brutality against #JNU students! We are also supporting the workers' strike on Jan 8! Venue will be announced tomorrow. +

Today is our 12th anniversary. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
We are thankful to our users, our premium members and the folks who have helped us grow from a small project in 2008.

@36c3_backup_user also on this point at minute 24: the fact that these "privacy" apps can esily get your social graph back after switching to a new app is because your name has already been associated to a fixed number with the phone company. if you want to find your friends on signal or telegram or whatapp without having a government controlled phone number, good luck. The fact that Moxie doesn't bring this up makes me sus of their whole talk.

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