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I am a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation My day job is to work on using which people can leak information to the journalists securely. I also contribute to many projects. I am a core member of the @torproject and also core developer of the programming language & a director and fellow of Python Software Foundation.

Writing some boring code to make sure that the developers can use this exciting library.

Do you sign your git commits? Please share for more reach.

EFF maintains diverse tools to help you remain a full participant in the democratic process while protecting yourself and your data: legal & tech guides for protesters, the cookie-destroying Privacy Badger, activism tools to contact officials, and more.

PSA (now with even better hashtags): You can ask questions from the internetβ„’ at #rc3 using the fediverse. Please add the appropriate room hashtag to make the signal angel's life easier. Also, be on an instance that federates with

The officialβ„’ hashtags are:
#rc3one (rC1),
#rc3two (rC2),
#rc3chaoszone (chaoszone),
#rc3cwtv (cwtv),
#rc3csh (chaosstudio-hamburg),
#rc3franconiannet (franconiannet),
#rc3r3s (r3s),
#rc3restrealitaet (restrealitaet).

I am having trouble to sleep for the last few nights, because of a project idea going around in mind.

For 30 years, EFF members have joined forces to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people. Support the cause today!

on why i do @kushal ’s best thing page every day

If you ask yourself, β€˜What’s the best thing that happened today?’ it actually forces a certain kind of cheerful retrospection that pulls up from the recent past things to write about that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. If you ask yourself, β€˜What happened today?’ it’s very likely that you’re going to remember the worst thing, because you’ve had to deal with it–you’ve had to rush somewhere or somebody said something mean to you–that’s what you’re going to remember. But if you ask what the best thing is, it’s going to be some particular slant of light, or some wonderful expression somebody had, or some particularly delicious salad. I mean, you never know…

β€” Nicholson Baker

#mjbquote #quote #reflection #mjbreflection

Emailed a developer in the morning. Now, checking email in every few minutes :D

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