my opinion on calculus is that i think newton probably Fucked more than leibniz

phoneme synthesis — a browser based tool to convert IPA phonetic notation text to speech.

We can see the @Tor ‘Onion-Location’ feature on @write_as website, photo from the live session by Tor team.

Know the history of typewriter, QWERTY layout and Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout.

The Dvorak Zine - "Changing the world…, one keyboard at a time!"

Springer has over 380 books downloadable for free in mathematics, computer science, engineering, physics and business

I wrote about live streaming a meetup event using Jitsi Meet, OBS Studio and YouTube. We use the same setup for PythonPune meetups.

You know what is passion?

Passion is looking at someone like Elon Musk is now looking at his contractual benchmark

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