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Now, twenty years later, all the address books have been stolen. Everyone has all the data. Identifying the right people (or spamming everyone) is easy and cheap.

Which makes the point even more urgent than ever: Without trust and connection, access to data is worthless.

— Seth Godin

#quote #trust

(I stole the entire post!)

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Reminder: Emacs online APAC meetup, Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 1400 IST with Jitsi and #emacs on DM if interested to give a talk or demo!

KiCad EDA - A Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite

ActivityPub Conference 2020

"A conference about the present and future of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard"

Announcing Emacs online APAC meetup, Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 1400 IST with Jitsi and #emacs on DM if interested to give a talk or demo!

Know the history of typewriter, QWERTY layout and Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout.

The Dvorak Zine - "Changing the world…, one keyboard at a time!"

Want to know how Kubernetes works? Take a look at "Events, the DNA of Kubernetes" by Michael Gasch

I wrote about live streaming a meetup event using Jitsi Meet, OBS Studio and YouTube. We use the same setup for PythonPune meetups.

I am planning to stop maintaining the Blackfriday related code in my ox-hugo library since #hugo has defaulted to a better Markdown library ( #Commonmark ) since 5 months, since its version 0.60.0 got released.

ox-hugo users: Which Hugo version are you on? Visit this link to vote:

#oxHugo #orgmode

Announcing Emacs online APAC meetup, Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 14:00 IST with Jitsi and #emacs on Await Jitsi video conferencing URL announcement prior to the session.

Oh, this is super neat!

Onionize is a #docker container that automatically exposes other selected Docker containers as onion services:

Watched 'OpenTelemetry: an XKCD 927 Success Story' by Greg Mefford. Liked the way Greg explains Observability and how distributed tracing helps with really cool slides. Checkout the talk here,

“Your actions are a consequence of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are a consequence of what you consume.

And in the modern age, what you consume is largely a consequence of how you select and refine your social media feed.

Choose better inputs. Get better outputs.”

3-2-1: On media consumption, needless commitments, and persistence and luck | James Clear

Surprise! We can't have a shiny new GNOME release without a shiny new release video!

Special thanks to Chris Rogers, @o0karen0o and @freehive for their hard work.

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