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TIL what is a PID controller and how that can be used to sample the traces in distributed tracing.

Mastering Distributed Tracing by Yuri Shkuro

We have computed the very first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-1. To put it in another way: all attacks that are practical on MD5 are now also practical on SHA-1.

We have reduced the cost of a collision attack from 2^64.7 to 2^61.2, and the cost of a chosen-prefix collision attack from 2^67.1 to 2^63.4.

Demo: The legacy branch of GnuPG (version 1.4) is vulnerable. We have created two PGP keys with different UserIDs and colliding certificates.

#36c3 and it's a wrap!

If you want to download video/audio of all the awesome talks, here's your yearly reminder that I wrote a little console tool called "sync3c" to automatically filter & sync talks from any #ccc event for you:


Here’s what you need to know about why these protests are important. See you on the 19th at August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai. The time to protest on social media alone is over.


Please amplify this excellent bit of investigation!

Delhi Police are torching broken buses and blaming protesting students. #Jamia #NRC_CAB #studentprotests

Downloading any Kubernetes binary like kubectl, kubelet etc?

Checksum files can be downloaded by appending ".sha512", ".sha256" at the end of file names like this:

Spent some time writing Ansible playbook. I have started liking it more 😁

If you are still stuck with GNU Emacs 26.2 and facing following errors while installing new packages.

1. Failed to download 'gnu' archive. Bad request.

2. Make sure you follow the instructions given in 'Full description' of gnu-elpa-keyring-update package

While disabling few key combinations, found this nice list of all Pre-defined keyboard shortcuts in GNOME

Jessie Frazelle (formerly of GitHub, Microsoft, and Google) just launched a new computer company called Oxide Computer Company

Her blog post about it:

The Go User Survey 2019:

Let the #golang community know what you like and/or dislike about the language and its development process!

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