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Jessie Frazelle (formerly of GitHub, Microsoft, and Google) just launched a new computer company called Oxide Computer Company

Her blog post about it:

The Go User Survey 2019:

Let the #golang community know what you like and/or dislike about the language and its development process!

Less Obvious Factors That Lead To #mentalhealth Issues:

- Saying yes to everything
- Trying to fix/ save everyone
- People pleasing
- Putting others needs above yours
- Defining a "successful life" based on another's/ society's expectations

Your mental health matters. Prioritize it

Always check if your backups are healthy i.e. if you will be able to restore them properly when required.

This advice helped me to save a small argh moment today!

So, inadvertently a document highlighting human rights abuses by security forces in Kashmir got shared by police to media. Goof Up! Document included screenshots of pro-Kashmir tweets or reports, pictures of torture by security forces & statements made by different leaders.

Isn't social media surveillance questionable? Posts, tweets & reports on Kashmir under constant monitoring. Why?

#masssurveillance #kashmirneedsattention

[ANN] EmacsConf 2019 videos now out!

By all accounts, EmacsConf 2019 was a big success, and I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of you for your help and efforts in making it so! With just over 3 weeks after the conference, I’m very happy to announce that the EmacsConf 2019 videos are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Read the full announcement on our mailing list archives:

Are there any people over here? Wondering about having a meetup on 1st of December.

We hate being misunderstood as much as we love being connected.
That's exactly the dynamic that social media platforms exploit and monetize.
They first help you connect to hundreds and thousands of people, and voila, you are misunderstood.

"President Kovind was woken up and asked to sign a notification revoking Central rule in Maharashtra. He did this at 5:47 am. But the president could only act based on a recommendation of the cabinet, and there appears to have been no cabinet meeting or recommendation to that effect."

Siddharth Varadarajan's analysis of the #MaharashtraPolitics

#maharashtra #ncp #bjp #india

If you're interested in FOSS and Internet security I highly recommend Kushal Das' newsletter. He keeps it short and sweet.


"You’ll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you." - Unknown

speaking of things to share, i have a newsletter.
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Let's support @stux and the mastodon community by contributing, whatever little we can... after all this is a platform we all enjoy using and no this doesn't have big pocket investors behind it. Good thing too, because investors would dictate directions (they do mostly) and the freedoms we enjoy would likely be lost...
Pls support the community

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