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Instead of “How are you?” try mix and match few of these as a conversation starter. Conversations can cure loneliness.

“What is something interesting that happened today?
“have there been any changes in how you're feeling?"
"If you could do any part of today over again, what would it be?"
"what have you been reading/listening to/watching lately?"
"what made you smile today?"
"what would you like to be different tomorrow?"

#mentalhealth matters #endthestigma
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From birdsite 

Creating things is easy.

Creating things secure and safely is a different matter but certainly needed more than anything I think 🔒

#mstdn #mastodon

My first is from 8pm IST live you can join the video session at and ask questions here with the above mentioned hashtag.

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watched "Stop reverse engineering applications and start monitoring from the inside" by Kelsey Hightower (~ 30m) #DevOps #Kubernetes #monitoring

Remember to ask me any digital security questions you have with a hashtag , I will answer those questions here and also video at

Bjarni's queueing theory of wrongness:

The quicker I can admit I'm wrong, the less time I spend being wrong.

I will doing the first session of digital security office hour tomorrow 13th November, at 8PM IST. Feel free to ask questions mentioning me and with hashtag. I will collect those and answer over video + here. Please also boost this toot for reach.

Remember, the free in "Free Software" means freedom, you still may have to pay for it.

want to know what advantages Signal has over Whatsapp?

What are onions and what do they have to do with technology?

Want to know the daily habits to maintain digital hygiene (so that you stay secure?)

have questions about how to navigate today’s internet without being stripped of your privacy?

then ping @kushal with your questions using the #securityofficehour hashtag and he will answer a bunch of them at 8pm IST, tomorrow (the 13th of Nov.)

Are you new to ? Or do you want to learn the command line tools we use everyday on Linux? This book will help you in learning

Around 136 people said that they are interested in the office hour. I am doing the first one tomorrow at 8PM IST.

Feel free to ask me questions (mentioning my handle) and hashtag. I will answer over video + toots tomorrow.

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Dear friends!

For an accurate coverage of #AYODHYAVERDICT please tune here at

hi new users!! i'm not sure how to reach a large amount of you other than having this post on the local timeline.

i'm a moderator here!
when reporting someone, doing it once is fine. real humans are handling your reports, and reporting someone multiple times adds to the workload!
also, when you do report someone, please add an explanation as to why you're reporting them. you can also add specific toots that you believe break our CoC, which you can find here:

My favorite kind of meeting is a cancelled one.

Remember Aaron Swartz. If you don't know about or already watched the documentary, find some friends, and watch it again together Please boost. is a federated blogging application. You can self host it or use any of the instances. @write_as has paid service and also some great human beings. Really good work. You can even follow the posts from your mastodon account.

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