A small post on my current workflow and appreciation for the GNOME extension 'Workspace Scroll'

Day 015 of #100DaysToOffload.


@celia That looks interesting. But isn't workspace scrolling implemented in GNOME by default? (From v 3.36 or something?) It's a bit flaky, tho, so might be worth trying that extension out anyway. Thanks!

@hider I don't think it is - I'm on 3.36.x and I don't know of any shortcut to scroll the workspace using the top bar by default.

Please let me know if you find out otherwise though. :)

@celia Sorry, my mistake. I was referring to regular workspace scrolling/swiping, not specifically from the top bar. I actually _did_ notice that you wrote exactly that in your post. But my working memory is terrible. Sorry about the confusion.

@hider No worries at all. :)

How do you do it otherwise, I'm curious? I don't know that something was built in.

@celia ☺️

Well, I don't use workspaces all that much, not w/ GNOME anyway. Mostly for testing. But when I do, I actually use all the various ways that I know of: 1) click the workspace indicators in the top panel (their scrollable, too, I just realized), 2) do a four-finger swipe or scroll up/down (or l/r if horizontal workspaces are enabled), 3) swipe or click from the overview, or 4) use kbd shortcuts.

All the swiping functions, at least, require Wayland, though. But PopOS uses Xorg, right?


@hider @celia Aha! Thanks for reminding me that there is 4 finger swipe for workspace switching. Seems to be working really nice with GNOME 3.38. I usually just use ALT+Tab to switch between applications, that's why I keep forgetting about this 😅

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@bhavin192 @celia Happy to! I forget it, too, way too often. But it actually works really well now (I'm also [mostly] using v. 3.38+). The Alt+Tab shortcut is quite useful, indeed, for WS switching - perhaps depending on how many windows/applications are opened. Lots of different ways to do (sorta) the same thing is really one of GNOME's strengths, I believe

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