What is the license of your personal website's content, and why?

I'm thinking of licensing my website content with CC-BY-SA 4.0 and code with GPLv3. Want to use a copyleft license. Are there any reasons I should prefer something else?

@bhavin192 Sounds good. cc by-sa and GPLv3 is what I also use for draketo.de/index

Since 2015 that’s a good option; for background see draketo.de/english/free-softwa


@ArneBab Thank you for the link, after posting my toot I was reading about the compatibly of CC-BY-SA 4.0 with GPL on fsf.org.

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@bhavin192 That link is to my own site, written after I could help create that compatibility by providing lots of examples and dispelling lots of wrong fears in very long discussions :-)

I was one of the few people who actually had usecases where it hurt them.

Fun: This is why cc by-sa and GPL are now compatible: "On the personal side: we can merge art from Ryzom and Battle for Wesnoth and use both in the Pirate Party RPG."

(I triggered the start of that process by asking on a blog post :) )

@ArneBab Whoa! That's super cool, thank you for making it happen 😁

@bhavin192 :-)

It’s one of the crazy things that happen when you work in free culture at the boundary between different categories of art.

Roleplaying games are a strange mix between art book, prose, tutorial, and game rules — functional prose.

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